Greetings, fellow castaways! If you find yourself stranded on a deserted island in the exhilarating world of Stranded Deep, you'll quickly realize that securing a reliable source of fuel is paramount to your survival and progression. Fear not, for we have your back! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of crafting fuel in Stranded Deep. So grab your coconut shell cups and prepare to unlock the secrets to sustainable fuel production!

Understanding the Basics of Fuel

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty details, let's get acquainted with the concept of fuel in Stranded Deep. Whether you're in dire need of propelling your raft across the vast ocean or powering your trusty makeshift engine, fuel will be your key to unlocking new adventures.

In the game, there is only one type of fuel available. The fuel is used to refill your boat motor (raft motor) or Gyrocopter's fuel tank.

To make fuel in Stranded Deep you will need a Water Still, a farming plot, potatoes, a Coconut Flask, and a Jerrycan. We will go into more detail of the process below.


Building a Fuel Still

A Fuel Still is a crucial structure for producing fuel or gas in Stranded Deep. To build this contraption, first, you must increase your crafting level. Then it's time to roll up our sleeves and follow these steps below:

Collect the Necessary Items or Materials

  • Jerrycan x1
  • Lashing x2
  • Wood Stick x4
  • Plank Scrap x2
  • Clay x2
  • Fire Pit x1

Craft and Place the Fuel Still

Open your crafting menu and locate the fuel still under the "Structures" tab. Craft the fuel still using the collected materials. Once crafted, select it from your inventory and find a suitable location to place it. Ensure you have enough space to maneuver around and access it easily. Note: It must be placed on top of an existing Fire Pit.

Making Fuel

Now that you have your Fuel Still up and running, it's time to produce some fuel. Simply take the potatoes that you grew in your farming plot and put them into the top part of the Fuel Still (where the mash goes).

Now light up the fire below the same way you would start your typical fire using the kindling and let the Fuel Still work its magic.

The Fuel Still will convert the potato mash into fuel. Sit back, relax, or go out and scavenge while the process unfolds. Once completed, voila! You have successfully turned potatoes into fuel or gas!

It takes 4 potatoes to make 1 Jerrycan worth of fuel, so make sure to have multiple farming plots to grow your potatoes as they take quite a while to yield potatoes from the plant.

Once your Fuel Still has produced fuel, take your Jerrycan and fill it up at the Jerrycan located on the Fuel Still. Now you can top off your motors with this fuel you just produced.

Storing and Utilizing Fuel

Congratulations on your newfound fuel production proficiency! Now, it's crucial to store your fuel properly to avoid any unfortunate mishaps of running out at the wrong time. If you've been lucky enough to stumble across more than one Jerrycan during your exploration, you may want to produce enough fuel to fill each Jerrycan. This will offset the chances of you running out when you need to fly back to base using the Gyrocopter or powering your raft's motor.

Having an abundance of fuel will ensure you can explore the vast depths of this incredible world without any worries. The last thing you want is to get stranded on an island with your Gyrocopter that isn't the island where your home base is located.

Increasing Fuel Production

To increase your fuel production in Stranded Deep, you will want to build plenty of Water Stills and have several Farm Plots that are growing potatoes.

The Water Stills will be used to produce water so you can keep your Farm Plot plants watered.


Having multiple Farm Plots growing potatoes will ensure that you have enough potatoes to convert into fuel with the Fuel Still.

Remember, fuel is the lifeline that will enable you to explore the vast ocean, uncover hidden treasures, and ultimately conquer this strange and beautiful world. Now, go forth, brave adventurers, and may your fuel always burn bright!