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The Binding of Isaac to Receive Its Final Expansion Early This Year

The expansion promises to be a devilishly good time to see off the popular roguelike once and for all.

8 months, 20 days ago
Platinum Games Confirms Bayonetta 3 Development Still Progressing Smoothly

While we haven't heard much about Bayo 3, all is still well on the development front.

8 months, 25 days ago
Digital Extremes and Splash Damage Are Now Owned by Tencent

In a series of new acquisitions, the conglomerate has swept up two notable studios.

8 months, 30 days ago
Spelunky 1 and 2 Make Their Way to Switch With Multiplayer in 2021

The spelunking indie hits are going portable in just a handful of months!

9 months, 6 days ago
Nintendo of America's President Refers to Mario Game Deadlines as a 'Celebration'

Doug Bowser offers up an explanation to Nintendo's purchase deadlines in a look back on 2020.

9 months, 8 days ago
The Big Three Stand Together on Making Gaming a Safer Space for Everyone

Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony outline future plans to make gaming safe for those vulnerable.

9 months, 9 days ago
Capcom to Reveal More on Resident Evil Village at Tokyo Game Show 2020

We won't have long to wait to pull back the curtain further on Resident Evil's next installment.

1 year ago
The Final Fantasy Legend Game Boy Trilogy is Adventuring Onto Nintendo Switch

The retro announcement was one of a few in today's surprise Nintendo Direct.

1 year ago
Scott Cawthon Announces Initiative to Help Support and Release FNaF Fan Games

The FNaF community is big, and thanks to Cawthon, it's going to get a major boost.

1 year ago
Supergiant Games Bringing Hades to Switch This Fall

The hit early access title will be making its console debut in Nintendo's turf.

1 year ,1 month ago
Sports Story Delayed Indefinitely Due to Increased Scope

Sidebar's Golf Story sequel gets hit by a delay just ahead of Nintendo's indie showcase.

1 year ,1 month ago
Pikmin 3 Deluxe Brings New Enhancements, Story, and DLC to Switch This Year

Pikmin 3 is getting a definitive version of itself, spurring hopes even more for a Pikmin 4.

1 year ,1 month ago

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Shin Megami Tensei V Set to Release on Switch in 2021

Alongside it comes a remaster for the beloved Shin Megami Tensei 3.

1 year ,2 months ago
Paper Mario Devs Forbidden to Make Characters That Modify the 'Mario Universe'

In the ever-changing papercraft series, restrictions have gotten tighter on original characters.

1 year ,2 months ago
Necrobarista Serving Up Coffee on PC Next Week

After a long bout of delays and reworks, the stylish indie game is finally set to release soon.

1 year ,2 months ago
The World Ends With You Getting an Official Anime Adaptation on Funimation

The hit DS/Switch JRPG is coming back to life yet again in an entirely new medium.

1 year ,2 months ago
Nintendo Reportedly Distancing Further Away From Mobile Games

Despite the goals of a lucrative mobile pipeline, Nintendo now appears to be shifting gears.

1 year ,2 months ago
Suda51 Kind Of Reveals First-Ever No More Heroes 3 Gameplay

The eccentric developer reveals footage of his new game in the most joking fashion possible.

1 year ,2 months ago
Smash Bros. Ultimate's Next DLC Fighter is Min Min From Arms

The roster for Smash is getting about as long as Min Min's deadly arms.

1 year ,2 months ago
Kingdom Hearts Rhythm Game and Mobile Game Both Releasing This Year

The new titles are the latest in the '2nd phase' for the series, alongside some mysterious future games.

1 year ,3 months ago
The Nintendo Switch is Getting an All-New Pokémon Snap Game

Gotta snap 'em all in the long-awaited followup to a 1999 classic.

1 year ,3 months ago
Sega's Very Own Alex Kidd Returning in Miracle World Remake

Hop on board the remake train, because another classic is getting the treatment: Alex Kidd.

1 year ,3 months ago
A New Okami Game Could Become a Reality

Ikumi Nakamura plans to pitch a new Okami game to Capcom in the near future.

1 year ,3 months ago
Pokémon Sword and Shield Receiving First of Two Expansions Later This Month

Game Freak has a lot in store for us, meaning it's time to return to the Galar Region once more.

1 year ,3 months ago