Bomb Jump

The Bomb Jump is a jump in Super Metroid where Samus repeatedly uses a bomb to propel herself in the air. It requires Samus to have the Morph Ball and Bomb suit upgrades which allows her to morph into a ball and place bombs on the ground or in mid-air. This maneuver is often called the Turbo Bomb or the Infinite Bomb Jump. It can be performed indefinitely or until you miss the timing of laying bombs and allows you to reach areas without having particular suit upgrades.

How to Bomb Jump

To Bomb Jump in Super Metroid, or perform the Infinite Bomb Jump, you must begin by laying a bomb on the ground and laying another one before the first one explodes.  Doing this will allow you to lay another bomb in the air, then the second bomb on the ground will bounce you back into the one in the air. You must always lay a bomb above the last one you laid and lay it right before the previous one explodes.

Super Metroid Infinite Bomb Jump

The timing of you laying the bombs is very crucial in maintaining momentum to keep you afloat. Infinite bomb jumps can be performed either vertically or horizontally (which is a lot harder to master). These techniques will take a lot of time to get right, but it’s worth it in the end, considering you’re able to get items ahead of when you’re supposed to.