Charge Beam

The Charge Beam will allow Samus to charge her normal shot and shoot a more powerful blast. If you charge up your beam and spin jump at an enemy, you’ll do damage to them similar to how the Screw Attack works. This is the first beam upgrade that Samus will receive and it will help you defeat more powerful enemies quicker. Hold down the fire button to charge up the beam.

Where to Find the Charge Beam

The Charge Beam can be found in Brinstar before you get to the Brinstar mini-boss “Spore Spawn”. Once you enter Brinstar, head down and right till you get to a large pink room. At the bottom left of the room, you will find missiles and next to the missiles there are breakable blocks. Break the blocks with the bomb and drop down into the hidden room below to pick up the Charge Beam.

Super Metroid Charge Beam