Varia Suit

The Varia Suit is a Suit upgrade for Samus that cuts damage taken by half and allows you to walk around high-temperature areas that you previously couldn't. Without the Varia Suit, you wouldn’t be able to explore most of the rooms in Norfair.

Varia Suit Location

The Varia Suit can be found in Norfair. You must first go into Norfair and obtain the Hi-Jump Boots to be able to get to the location of the Varia Suit.

When making your way to the elevator of Norfair coming from Brinstar, there are three blocks to your right that you can break with Super Missiles. Break one of the blocks and use the Morph Ball to squeeze by into the next room. Once in the next room jump into the entrance (shaped like a creature's mouth) and make your way to the Brinstar boss “Kraid”. After defeating Kraid, go into the next room toward the right and you will find the Varia Suit.