HI-Jump Boots

The HI-Jump Boots (often called High Jump Boots) is a suit upgrade found in Super Metroid and other games in the Metroid series that allow Samus to jump higher. They typically allow Samus to jump twice higher than normal and allow her to reach areas not reachable without the boots.

HI-Jump Boots Location

The HI-Jump Boots can be found in and are Located in Norfair. After coming down the elevator to Norfair, head to the pink door on the bottom left and go through it. First, grab the energy tank, next, walk along the floor until you fall through the breakable block. Use the Morph Ball to follow the tunnel to your left and go through the blue door when you reach it. Shoot the wall toward the top to reveal an entrance to the Chozo Statue holding the HI-Jump Boots suit upgrade.