Speed Booster

The Speed Booster is a suit upgrade that allows Samus to run at very fast speeds. It makes Samus invincible, allowing her to run through and hurt weaker enemies, break certain types of walls, and launch herself in multiple directions (like a rocket or missile).

Speed Booster Location

The Speed Booster can be found in Norfair. To get to where the Speed Booster is, from the main elevator in Norfair, go through the first door below to the right. Keep heading right until you reach the room covered in green blocks.

In the center of the green room, you will see two statues, break the floor between them and get into the little shaft using the Morph Ball. Once you come out of the shaft, take the door at the bottom of the room. In the next room take the second door on the right. Head right and up till you get back into the green room but this time in the upper part of it. Now take the door on the right and inside that room, you’ll see 3 Skree (they look like bats) hanging from the ceiling.

In the room with the 3 Skree, shoot the middle of the ceiling and jump up there. Take the door on the right and follow the tunnel to the end. Go through the red door at the end of the tunnel and you will see a Chozo statue holding the Speed Booster Upgrade.