Ice Beam

The Ice Beam is a suit upgrade in Super Metroid that allows Samus to shoot an enemy and freeze them for a short period. You can also use these frozen enemies as platforms so you can reach normally out-of-reach areas.

Ice Beam Location

The Ice Beam is found in Norfair. You will need the Speed Booster upgrade to get to the Ice Beam upgrade.

To get to where the Ice Beam location is, from the Norfair elevator, go to the first green door to the left. Once inside, run all the way to the end using the Speed Booster before all of the metal poles come down. When you get to the third room with Funes (heads on the wall that shoot stuff) head up. Before the up top, shoot the floor below and use the Morph Ball to get into the small tunnel. Inside the next room, you will find the Ice Beam upgrade.