Wave Beam

The Wave Beam is a suit upgrade in Super Metroid that shoots a beam in a wavy pattern. The Wave Beam can pass through some objects in the game allowing you to open metal pole doors from the opposite side and also making it easier to find hidden items.

Wave Beam Location

The Wave Beam is found in Norfair, close to where you get the Speed Booster. From the Norfair elevator, take the first door on the right and keep heading right until you reach the “green” room. Once in the green room, break the floor in between the two pillars in the center of the room and follow the pipes to the two doors. Take the door that leads down and go through the second door on the right.

Keep heading right until you reach the Fune (creature on the wall) and use the Morph Ball to go in the tunnel under it. Go all the way to the top of the room before the lava rises. Once you make it through the next room with the moving platforms, head up to the red door and go through it.

Jump across the platforms till you get to the metal pole with the blue switch on it. Shoot the blue switch and go through the door, use the wall on the right side of the missiles to wall jump to the red door above. If you have the Grappling Beam, just use the blocks above to swing across. Through the red door, is where to find the Wave Beam. After exiting the room with the Wave Beam, drop down to the center of the spikes and there is a breakable floor.