Grappling Beam

The Grappling Beam (often called Grapple Beam, Grapple Hook, or Hook Shot) is a suit upgrade in Super Metroid that allows you to grapple and swing from special blocks (similar to a hook shot). Besides working on special blocks, the Grappling Beam also inflicts damage to enemies and can be used to swing off of enemies such as Rippers.

Grappling Beam Location

The Grappling Beam can be found in Norfair. To get to where the Grappling Beam is located, you will need a Power Bomb and the Wave Beam suit upgrade or just a Power Bomb, depending on which way you take. The path I will show will be using the Wave Beam, alternately, you can get there through the room that has the Ice Beam in it.

From the Norfair elevator, go down to the second door and your right and walk past the save point into the following room. Run down the hall using your Speed Booster, then enter the next room and go down to the metal pole door, using your Wave Beam to open it. In the next room, head down till you make it to the door and when going through it, head left till you make it to the green door.

Through the green door, you will find the Norfair mini-boss “Crocomire”. After defeating him, go through the door on the left side of the room. Head downward through the next two rooms till you get to an area with Power Bomb blocks. Clear the blocks with the Power Bomb and use the Speed Booster to jump across the lava to the other side. The next room will contain the Grappling Beam.