Power Bomb

The Power Bomb is an item in Super Metroid that blasts everything on screen with a powerful blast. They also allow Samus to break Power Bomb blocks and open yellow doors. These blocks can only be broken by using a Power Bomb on them.

Power Bomb Location

This batch of Power Bombs can be obtained by having the Hi-Jump Boots and Ice Beam suit upgrades. To get to where the Power Bombs are, from the Norfair elevator, head back up towards Brinstar. You will need to freeze the Rippers (enemies flying left to right) to get back up the main shaft. Instead of taking the door on the left leading back to Brinstar, you’ll need to keep heading up by freezing more Rippers.

Once you make it all the way to the top, head right till you reach a save room. The door you come through will turn yellow after it closes. Break the floor next to the yellow door and keep heading down till you reach the green door. At the end of the next room, you will find Power Bombs.