Spazer Beam

This Spazer Beam is a beam upgrade in Super Metroid that shoots 3 beams instead of one. Appearing in Super Metroid is the second time the Spazer Beam appeared in a Metroid game. The Spazer Beam allows Samus to have a wider attack, allowing you to strike enemies with less effort. It also increases Samaus’ fire rate and attack damage.

Spazer Beam Location

The Spazer Beam is located in Brinstar. To get to the location of the Spazer Beam, when in Brinstar, make your way to the area right before Maridia. The room contains two Yapping Maw (claw enemies) that try to grab you and a Cacatac in the middle.

Above the door entrance to the room on the left, there will be a block you can break. If you have the Hi-Jump boots, you can get up top easier, if not you’ll be able to use the Wall Jump to scale the wall. Once at the top, break the two and make your way to the right. Blast the green door with a Super Missile and grab the Spazer Beam inside the room.

The video below will show you the exact location of the Spazer Beam and how to get to it.