What Is a Wall Jump?

In Super Metroid, Samus has to ability to kick or jump off of walls. This allows Samus to reach hard-to-reach areas before she requires suit upgrades such as the High-Jump Boots, Space Jump, or Screw Attack. The Wall Jump is not listed in the official manual for Super Metroid on the Super Nintendo but is shown to you in the game by Etecoons after discovering a secret area.

How to Wall Jump

To Wall Jump in Super Metroid, you must jump towards a wall or platform while continuing to hold the A button. Samus will do a spin jump if you jump at the wall correctly. After you spin at the wall, press the opposite direction on the D-pad, then press and hold the A button simultaneously.

Super Metroid Wall Jump

The timing of these jumps needs to be consistent or Samus won’t jump back off the wall. You can keep performing these jumps as long as you have open access to the wall with nothing blocking your jump. This can all be done on just one side of a wall and you don’t need to be able to reach the opposite side for it to work.