X-Ray Scope

The X-Ray Scope is an upgrade in Super Metroid that allows you to see through walls and objects. It reveals hidden objects or pathways when you shine the scope in that particular direction.

X-Ray Scope Location

The X-Ray Scope can be found in Brinstar. You will need the Grappling Beam and Power Bomb to get to the X-Ray Scope.

In the shaft that leads from Brinstar to Norfair, you will come across a yellow down. If you blast open the yellow door with a Power Bomb, you will open the door and also break the Power Bomb blocks blocking the door. In the next room, you will be met with spikes and darkness. Avoid killing the enemies because they are the ones creating the minimal light the room has.

Use the Grappling Beam to get across the room all the way to the red door on the other side. Once through the red door, use the Morphing Ball to lay a bomb on the first metal pole in the room. The metal pole will raise you up to the next area, in which you can roll to the Chozo statue holding the X-Ray Scope.