Gravity Suit

The Gravity Suit (sometimes called lava suit) is a suit upgrade in Super Metroid that reduces damage taken by 75%. It also allows Samus to walk or run underwater with no reduced speed and control. With the Gravity Suit equipped, Samus can enter some of the game’s lava without taking any damage.

Gravity Suit Location

The Gravity Suit can be found in the Wrecked Ship. After defeating Phantoon, the boss of the Wrecked Ship, head back to the main entrance (next to the save point). From the main entrance, go to the door up top and go through it. In this room, you will need to kill all the enemies for the doors to unlock. After defeating all the enemies in this room, go through the door on the left.

When outside, follow the ground to the point where you can see two blocks on the floor that look breakable, use the X-Ray Scope if you already have it. Take the tunnel on the right, going through each door you come across. Once you get to the room with spikes on the floor, use the Grappling Beam to get across to the right side of the room. Next, use the Morphing Ball to roll yourself into a ball and position yourself on the hand of the Chozo Statue. After a few seconds, the Chozo Statue will begin to walk while holding you and will walk through the spikes on the floor. This blue door is where you will find the Gravity Suit.