Game List

Dynamite Headdy Released Sep 1994 Game Gear Sega Genesis SMS
EarthBound Released Jun 5, 1995 GBA SNES
Earthworm Jim Released Oct 1994 Game Gear GB GBA PC Sega CD Sega Genesis SMS SNES
Earthworm Jim 2 Released Nov 15, 1995 GBA MS-DOS Saturn Sega Genesis SNES
Ecco the Dolphin Released Dec 29, 1992 Game Gear GBA PC Sega CD Sega Genesis SMS
Excitebike Released Oct 18, 1985 Arcade Famicom NES
F-Zero Released Aug 23, 1991 SNES
Fantasy Strike Released Sep 14, 2017 Linux macOS PC PS4 Switch
Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark Released Aug 16, 2018 Linux macOS PC PS4 Switch XB1
Fester's Quest Released 1989 NES
Final Fantasy VI Released Oct 11, 1994 Android GBA iOS PC PS1 SNES
Final Fight Released Dec 21, 1989 Amiga Arcade Atari ST C64 GBA Sega CD SNES
Final Fight 2 Released Aug 15, 1993 SNES
Final Fight 3 Released Jan 4, 1996 SNES
Forza Horizon 4 Released Oct 2, 2018 PC XB1 Xbox Series X
Friday the 13th Released Feb 1989 NES
Friday the 13th: The Game Released May 26, 2017 PC PS4 Switch XB1
Galaga Released Oct 1981 Arcade Atari 7800 GB MSX NES
Gauntlet Released Nov 1985 Arcade Atari ST MSX NES SMS
Ghostbusters (1990) Released Aug 1990 Sega Genesis
Ghosts 'n Goblins Released Sep 4, 1985 Amiga Android Arcade Atari ST C64 GBC iOS MSX NES PC
Ghoul Patrol Released Nov 1994 PC PS4 SNES Switch XB1
Ghouls 'n Ghosts Released Dec 1988 Android Arcade Atari ST C64 iOS Sega Genesis SMS
Godzilla: Monster of Monsters! Released Oct 1989 NES
Golden Axe Released May 1989 Amiga Arcade Atari ST C64 PC Sega CD Sega Genesis SMS
Golden Axe II Released Jan 26, 1992 Sega Genesis
GoldenEye 007 Released Aug 25, 1997 N64
Goof Troop Released Jul 1993 SNES
Gradius Released Dec 1985 Arcade C64 GB MSX NES
Gran Turismo Sport Released Oct 17, 2017 PS4
Grand Theft Auto III Released Oct 22, 2001 Android iOS macOS PC PS2 Xbox
Grand Theft Auto V Released Sep 17, 2013 PC PS3 PS4 PS5 XB1 Xbox 360 Xbox Series X
Graveyard Keeper Released Aug 15, 2018 Android iOS Linux macOS PC PS4 Switch XB1
Gun.Smoke Released Oct 1985 Arcade FDS MSX NES
Gunstar Heroes Released Sep 10, 1993 Game Gear Sega Genesis
Harvest Moon Released Jun 1997 SNES
Hello Neighbor Released Dec 8, 2017 Android iOS PC PS4 Switch XB1
Ice Climber Released Oct 1984 Arcade Famicom FDS NES
Illusion of Gaia Released Sep 1, 1994 SNES
Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures Released Oct 11, 1994 SNES
Infected Shelter Released May 8, 2019 macOS PC PS4 Switch XB1
Jackal Released Oct 1986 Amiga C64 FDS NES
Jaws Released Nov 1987 NES
Joe & Mac Released 1991 Amiga Arcade GB MS-DOS NES Sega Genesis SNES
Jurassic Park Released Jun 1993 GB NES Sega Genesis SNES
Kid Icarus Released Jul 1, 1987 FDS GBA NES
Killer Instinct Released Oct 28, 1994 Arcade GB SNES XB1
Kirby Super Star Released Sep 20, 1996 SNES
Kirby's Adventure Released May 1, 1993 3DS GBA NES
Kirby's Avalanche Released Apr 25, 1995 SNES
Kirby's Dream Course Released Sep 21, 1994 SNES
Kirby's Dream Land 3 Released Nov 27, 1997 SNES
Knights of the Round Released Nov 27, 1991 Arcade SNES